The DAKAR–TRANS S. Rugała Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością Spółka Komandytowa company has at its disposal and modern fleet of vehicles with load capacity of 6-24 tons. The company owns Scania and Renault tractors with box semi-trailers and tarpaulin manufactured by Schmitz Cargobull, Wielton and Kögel, 13.6m long and up to 3m high (the semi-trailer roofs may be raised during loading to a height of up to 3.10m). We specialize in the transport of large items, transported in vertical position (e.g. house walls), and steel coils. All vehicles are equipped with wireless GSM phones to facilitate the flow of information, as well as the GPS system to provide the customer with full control over the vehicle’s location.

The DAKAR–TRANS S. Rugała Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością Spółka Komandytowa is also cooperating with over 150 independent transport and freight forwarding enterprises. Thus, it has permanent access to universal subcontractors’ fleet, which includes vehicles with load capacity of 1-24 tons, as well as specialist fleet, including refrigerator, isotherm and tank trucks, semi-trailers for transporting containers and long-load trucks for transporting over-dimensional loads.